Himachal Pradesh is a land of sublime natural beauty and serene spirituality. It has the availability of numerous cant-miss experiences waterbodies which can hold visitors spellbound.Here we came up with some magnificent water bodies to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Manimahesh Lake

Manimahesh Lake

This is a unique trek which is the combination of adventure and religion. It is located at the base of Mount Kailash or Chamba Kailash which is at a height of 5775 m. The Chamba Kailash is an epicenter of the religion of the area and is known to be as “home of Lord Shiva”. The lake is the venue of a highly revered pilgrimage trek undertaken during the month of August/September. It is known as the ‘Manimahesh Yatra’. The Government of Himachal Pradesh has declared it as a state-level pilgrimage.

Kareri Lake

kareri lake

Kareri Lake is a high altitude, shallow, freshwater lake south of the Dhauladhar range in Kangra district. The lake remains frozen from early December to March–April. Kareri Lake is best known for being a trekking destination in the Dhauladhar and onward to Chamba and Bharmour via the Minkiani Pass and Baleni Pass. Lake surrounded by small meadows and wooded patches on one side and towering peaks covered with snow on the other. The soft grasslands surrounding the lake provide ample dreamlike space to camp for the night.

Bhrigu Lake 


Bhirgu Lake Bhrigu Lake is a lake located at an elevation of around 4,300 meters (14,100 ft) in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is located to the east of Rohtang Pass and is around 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) from Gulaba village. It can be reached by trekking either from the Vashishth temple, which is famous for its hot water springs, which is close to the town of Manali or from Gulaba village. The right place for backpackers and trekking.

Bhagsunag Falls


Bhagsuanag Falls is the charming place for tourism and excursion. Bhagsunag Falls which is 11 km away from Dharamshala town is well known for its old temples, waterfalls, slate queries and fresh water springs.  The dribble of waterfall provides a spectacular look during the monsoon.  The tourists love to swim across the cold water which gives the pleasant and refreshing experience.  It is also visited by many Hindu pilgrims as it is also a significant place for Hindu excursion famous   Bhagsunag temple situated here.

Rewalsar Lake


The sparkling blue Rewalsar Lake is a most sacred Lakes of Himachal Pradesh. It is held as a sacred spot for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists alike. With water, woodland and high hills, it presents a variety of natural beauty. Hindu Temple of Padmasambhava, Buddhist monasteries, Sikh Gurdwara are main religious attractions here. The famous statue of Padmasambhava is the place worth seeing at Rewalsar Lake.

Asan Barrage


Asan Barrage Is A Wet Land That Is Perched At The Confluence Of Easter Yamuna Canal And Asan River That Is About 11kms, Near Dehradun. It Is Located In The Uttarakhand-Himachal Pradesh Border In The Doon Valley. The lake is popular for bird watching and 53 species are known to make a habitat there, 19 species are migratory.  Asan Is A Perfect Place To explore for Those Who are Bird Lovers.  This Lake attracts a large number Of Waders And Divers From Corners Of The World which is the really mesmerizing experience. This Barrage Serves Is A Stop By Destination For Trans-Himalayan Migratory Birds.

Bhakra Dam


Described as “New Temple of Resurgent India” by Jawaharlal Nehru. Bhakra Dam is the highest straight gravity Dam in the world situated right on the border of North Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.  The Gobind Sagar, the reservoir of Bhakra Dam, stores up to 9.34 billion cubic meters of water.  It becomes a prime tourist spot in Bilaspur because of its huge size and uniqueness. The dam is visited by more than 2 to 3 lakh visitors every year from all over the world.

Khajjiar Lake


Khajjiar Lake is situated in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.  The lake is set in a huge grassy landscape, with evergreen cedar trees surrounding it from all sides. The lake takes its name from Khajji Nag, the deity in the temple nearby. On a clear and sunny day, tourist can enjoy the amazing view of Mount Kailash from the Khajjiar Lake. The main attraction of the lake is the floating island which is actually a cluster of grass and weed growing on the surface of the lake. The lake is popular tourist destination to enjoy various recreational activities.

Prashar Lake


Prashar blue water Lake Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and looking down on the fast flowing river Beas. It’s a perfect destination for trekking lovers. The lake is held sacred to the sage Prashar and he is regarded to have meditated there. The famous thirteenth-century temple located here. The place is divine and full of peace, with old images of Gods and Saint Parashar.

Pandoh Dam

Pandoh dam

Pandoh dam is situated on the mighty river Beas in Himachal Pradesh. The dam located in the Mandi district was established in the year 1977. The main objective of this dam was the generation of hydroelectric power. The water of this dam is the major source of power for Dehar Power House, which generates a power of approximately 1000 MW. The Pandoh Lake is the major tourist destination around the Pandoh dam. This lake is primarily a reservoir to the Pandoh dam. Located around 10 km away from Manali, this is a vast expanse of artificial beauty.









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