As a Globetrotter, a Road trip is a superb way to explore the adventure in the journey to overseas. If you are fond of natural lands, snow-clad hills and shopping driving would be the awesome experience to make your tour memorable. However, renting a car available almost everywhere.

We’ve collated the top 10 countries where you can hit the road with valid Indian Driving License.


Germany pax

Germany, here you can choose to hire a car and enjoy sightseeing using your valid Indian driving license. Indians can drive around for 6 months with a valid Indian license. The driving license has to be translated into Germany. You can also get a translation of the license from the embassy. Experience the adventure of riding on the Autobahn, one of the most renowned roadways of the world!

The United States of America

The United States of America pax

In The United States of America, you can drive around for a year with a valid Indian license. You also need a copy of the form I-94. Don’t forget to ride on the Route 66.


France pax

France as one of among the top car owning countries of the Globe. The France allows you to drive around with a valid Indian driving license for a year with French translation. Bear in mind you will drive on the right side of the road.


Australia pax

If you have a valid Indian license in English then you can drive in Australia for 3 months. You can explore the Australian Territory with the drive on the left side of the road.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom PAX

You can drive around in the UK with Indian License up to one year with well-organized road infrastructure.  Here you can drive on left side of the road.

New Zealand

New Zealand PAX

In New Zealand, the private car is the predominant mode of transport. If you have a valid Indian driving license, you drive on the left side above the age of 21 years. You also need to get an official translation of license by transport authority New Zealand.


Switzerland PAX

Switzerland is must visit the destination where you can drive with Indian driving License for one year. Visitors get to see landscapes that you won’t be able to on a flight or a train. You should surely drive on the St. Gotthard Pass Road, gives you wonderful experience.


mauritius pax

Indian tourists are allowed to drive in the Mauritius for a year with a valid Indian license for up to 4 weeks. Car rental s0ervices are 0easily available. The country offers plenty of beautiful routes for road trips.







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