Monsoon hits India with its refreshing coolness which will soothe your mind and soul. You would be feeling merry to embrace the chilly droplets of water. The coldish temperature would certainly crave you to eat some delicious and yummy snacks. If you are longing for spicy food during the rainy season must try these snacks.

Gestr Group wishes you Happy Monsoon!



Pakodas & Bhajias are the yummiest food in rainy season when joined with Hot tea, Ranked second among the world’s most consumed drinks. I would like to recommend the Palak or spinach pakodas which are highly nutritious B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and dietary fiber.



Samosas with green and red chutney make up a complete meal to eat in the rainy season. Hot and crunchy snacks gave you tastiest experience when eaten while enjoying the view of rains. Try cheese or Paneer stuffing with some green chilies and garlic in Samosas which is the source of calcium, protein.

Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji.jpg

Pav Bhaji is the delicate dish of Mumbai. It’s one of the most famous street foods of India. The tava fried pavs with spicy bhaji, onions give you buttery and flavorsome experience. You can use green vegetable in high quantity to make your food healthy as well.



Your mouth would be surely watered when you think about spicy chaats.From Bhlla chaats to Pani Puri and Bhel Puri sprinkled with green coriander, green chilies, and chaat masala is a treat for you during the monsoon showers.



This crispy and messy dish will sweeten your mood while eating drenched with rain water. Jalebi dipped in sugar syrup would give you juicy taste if served hot!

Bhutta (corn)


Bhutta or corn roasted over a traditional coal gas. The burning charcoal would give extraordinary yum to your Bhutta topped with red chili powder, lemon juice and black paper with the tangy taste.



The hot soups during the rainy weather would lift your mood. A bowl of soup offers us some nutrients because monsoon said to be little careful in while making choice in meals. Soups cook with green vegetables and garnish with green coriander would satisfy you craving tummy.



Kachori is one of the most lip-smacking delicacies in India during rain. Moreover, when boiled potatoes, Green chilies, garlic and gram masala mixed together for stuffing would magic your mind with a spicy taste. It can be enjoyed indoors watching beautiful rain droplets.

Kheer and pudas


A rice cooked kheer with condensed milk is the famous cuisine of Punjab loved to eat in rainy weather. You can try sweet as well as salty besan pudas. Traditional kheer garnished with almonds, cashew nuts, and green cardamom just relishing in this monsoon season. It will give you healthiest taste.


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