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Who are we?

GESTR is an association of two words Guest & Stranger, which pledge to deliver quality Hospitality & Real Store services to guests, who are strangers.

We are also introducing the consolidated system of all travel services worldwide for sustainable tourism because most of the time tourist/ travelers confront lots of hurdles due to improper information/ fraud travel agents. Tourist/travelers can avail all the travel services under one roof. Travel Services listed as below:

  • Visa Assistance: As we understand needs and requirements of our customers. We are providing a list of authorized visa consultants, are well versed with the implementation of immigration law and the workings inside an embassy.
  • Foreign Exchange: we are providing list of money exchanger’s side-by-side on your location. Travelers can keep themselves update about exchange rates. Select the best value for your money.
  • Car Rental: We’ll help you make your trip as cheap, easy & Hassle free as possible. Choose from a wide variety of vehicle options and rental locations, featuring cheap prices from both international and local car rental companies.
  • City Tour: Keeping in mind the problems faced by tourists we are giving information of city tour providing agents. Now tourists can explore the more sightseeing spots during their journeys.
  • Travel Guide: We provide the best local tour guides recommendations for all tastes and budget across worldwide destinations. Who know their destinations better than anyone else so take the best travel tips to make your journey easier.

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